Boasting a contemporary design, our magazines draw on an international network of correspondents and editors to provide high-quality content, authentic reporting and intelligent analysis from around the world. We offer a one-stop service for every aspect of magazine production and distribution.

Global development debate

Development and Cooperation D+C / Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit E+Z is an  international forum for discussing global-development issues. It is funded by Engagement Global on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The print magazine appears every two months. The website is updated daily, but also includes a digital monthly magazine (e-paper) which compiles individual posts. The focus is on what needs to happen at local, national and international levels for humankind to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN in 2015. Contributors from around the world share insights into issues such as peace, security, trade, economic growth, health and education. Editor-in-Chief Hans Dembowski and his team are eager to include voices from Africa, Asia and Latin America. They rely on a vast network of scholars, journalists and civil-society activists. The website is supported by social-media posts.

Security policy in focus

loyal is a security policy magazine we publish on behalf of the Bundeswehr Reservist Association. With Editor-in-Chief Dr André Uzulis at the helm, we analyse the major challenges facing the Bundeswehr in an increasingly complex and crisis-plagued world. We feature reports from the troops themselves and about their missions, giving reservists, soldiers, politicians and academics alike the chance to have their say. We travel to places such as Iraq, Mali or Ukraine to provide the army’s 115,000 or so reservists with powerful and authentic impressions of military operations and to help them understand the important mediatory role they play in society. Another edition goes directly to the key actors in the area of German security policy.

Exchange between researchers

The LETTER alumni magazine for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) targets a global network of “high potentials” – from a Polish political analyst to an exceptional Colombian mathematician – and discerning readers to whom we wish to extoll the virtues of Germany as a location for science and research. Designed to be an intelligent medium for follow-up contacts, the LETTER appears three times a year in German and English. It places the emphasis on people and their opinions, ideas and impetus. We meet individuals around the world who are shaking up science and the world of higher education. We explore the issues that drive and motivate the DAAD – and ourselves – every day.

The Frankfurt metropolitan region

What makes the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region tick? What sets it apart? And where can its much-cited diversity be found? Together with the FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH and the Wirtschaftsinitiative (business initiative), we raise the region’s profile, tell fascinating and authentic stories and highlight new perspectives. In German and English versions, the FRM magazine is used primarily for regional marketing. It serves as a window on this dynamic and very liveable metropolitan area.