We are women and men with different cultural backgrounds and from various generations. Some of us are digital natives, while others were already doing their PhDs long before smartphones were invented. Some used to be editors-in-chief at well-known daily newspapers, and others have always worked at agencies. Some speak fluent Turkish, others cultivate their Bavarian dialect. Some like to write books in their free time, while others go birdwatching. But what we all have in common is that we take great pleasure in addressing meaningful issues in a discerning and innovative way. Oh yes, and we have a sausage dog called Karl.

Kim Berg (l.) and Christina Iglhaut are responsible for digital motion formats.

A virtuoso: our editorial director Janet Schayan.

Maren Beck is in charge of the conception.

Zarka makes things beautiful.

Jörg Döbereiner reports on international development policy.

Jonas and Hannes manage Fazit’s business activities.

Social media expert in our Berlin office: Verena Eiglsperger.

Digital and print: Stefan Reichart manages our production department.

Björn Müller, our expert on security policy.

Christina Dier (l.) is in charge of our about 170 editorial specials we publish each year, Natascha Kittler takes care of social media.

Simulating, budgeting, calculating. Our business director: Christina Podßus.

Karl keeps a careful watch over everything.

Multilingual: Dagmar Wolf is in constant contact with our international network of authors.

Strategist and networker: Jan Philipp Rost is head of the consultancy.

Floral and digital: our techie Kerim Demir and project manager Marie Kalich.

Fresh perspectives: our editor Maren van Treel.

Fazit's bright side.

Project manager Katharina Petry and Loyal editor-in-chief Dr André Uzulis.

Dr Hans Dembowski is the Development and Cooperation editor-in-chief.

Arnd Festerling: an outstanding journalist and a valuable mentor for many of us.

Always on the lookout for

a new angle.

D+C editor Sabine Balk (l.) and Cordula Tippkötter from our book publishing house.

Foreign reporter Brigitte Spitz.

Our expert in international education policy: Clara Krug.

Aurelia Vowinckel coordinates our social media projects.

Our deputy editorial director Dr Helen Sibum.

Editor Johannes Goebel in front of our light-green wall.

Editor and lecturer: Carsten Hauptmeier.

Sabrina Pfost is a senior editor for projects in the field of international cooperation.

Anabell Krebs designs many of our digital media services.

Business journalist Benjamin Kleemann-von Gersum.

Office Manager Isabel Baron.

Social Media Manager Natascha Kittler.

You scroll a lot. Apparently you are curious. Good. Then we have something in common.

A bientôt!

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